• Rachel Harding

YOU have helped us plant 20 trees in Uganda!

This is a wonderful post to write. You may recall that, back on the 1st January 2021, we told you about our pledge to become more aware of our corporate social responsibility and, as such, had teamed up with One Tree Planted to help with their global reforestation projects. We pledged to donate money from every will or Lasting Power of Attorney we wrote and we’re delighted to say that, as a result of the work we carried out in January, we have today made a donation to One Tree Planted to enable them to plant twenty trees in Uganda!

As well as saying a huge thank you to our clients for supporting us in our endeavours, each month we will also share with you an update from the team at One Tree Planted so you can keep abreast of the wonderful work they do. We found this video of Jane Goodall speaking about her work with chimpanzees absolutely fascinating and we hope you enjoy it too.

To find out more about the work we do or to book an appointment with one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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