• Rachel Harding

Looking forward…

Phew, the end of another exhausting week! Was it the same for you? We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog but I know I don’t need to give any explanation for this other than to say – kids, work, studying!

We’re so grateful to still have a steady stream of new clients coming through the door (so to speak!) and our priority has been ensuring that we provide them with a prompt, professional service as people are taking a lot of comfort, at the moment, from getting their affairs in order. We call this ‘life admin’ and it’s not just restricted to the things we can help you with. Whether it’s drawing up your will, putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place, sorting out your life insurance or setting up direct debits to make sure your regular bills get paid promptly, it can all help to reduce the kinds of things that tend to play on our minds.

Despite things feeling a bit bleak at the moment, as a company we have so much to look forward to in the spring and summer! We’ve expanded our team of consultants and are continuing to recruit in order to grow our team further. We are also taking steps to enable us to add another big and significant professional service to our remit and we’re really excited to share this with your in the late spring! It’s something we have felt passionate about for a long time and the opportunity to be able to grow in this way, and help many, many people in the process has made our year (and it’s only February!).

Next week we will provide an update on our exciting collaboration with One Tree Planted, including letting you know how many trees our clients contributed to planting during the month of January!

Have a great weekend and, remember, we’re here 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about your estate planning needs.

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