• Rachel Harding

Lockdown – Winter 2020 : How we will be working for you

Yesterday I drafted our company’s working practices for lockdown #2 and today these have been backed up by guidance issued by my governing institute, The Institute of Professional Will Writers. Here’s a summary and I hope it reassures you…

  1. Where possible client appointments will take place over video conference call (i.e. Zoom);

  2. Where it is not possible to carry out an appointment over video conference call, we are able to visit our clients in their home, where safe to do so (i.e. neither party having tested possible for COVID in the last 14 days, neither party showing symptoms, social distancing, the wearing of masks and handwashing being strictly adhered to);

  3. As a company we do not feel able to adequately conduct appointments solely over the telephone. We do not feel we would be able to adequately assess your mental capacity and would struggle to verify your identification;

  4. Witnessing of signatures on wills/LPAs during the signing process must also be carried out in the safest way possible. We will usually send out your documents in the post with detailed signing instructions. Only as a last resort we will witness your signature over video conferencing.

We hope this guidance proves useful to our existing and new clients and please be assured that we have your safety and well-being at the forefront of our minds at all times. Please contact us here if you have any questions : we will provide a further update towards the end of the month.

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