• Rachel Harding

Did you know… your will could be rendered invalid if you do not have an Executor in place?

Updated: Jan 13

In order for your will to be valid, one requirement is that you must have at least one Executor appointed in your will. This may seem obvious and I doubt anyone would purposely try and draft a will without including a clause appointing an Executor (or Executors) but what if your Executor dies before you or loses mental capacity or simply refuses to take on the role? Your will may be rendered invalid meaning that your estate could be distributed in accordance with the intestacy rules, which may not align with your wishes.

It is important, therefore, to review your will every couple of years – and certainly on the occurrence of any big life events (marriage, divorce, new baby, moving house etc) – to ensure the people you named as Executors when you first wrote your will are still the right people for the job.

One huge advantage our clients have when they write their will with us is that if they find themselves in the position above and need to amend their will to replace their Executor, they can do so at no additional charge!

If you would like a free review of your existing will or would like to make an appointment to make a new will, please contact us here or call 07790 041648.

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