April 22, 2021

What better day than ‘Earth Day’ to update you on our continuing efforts to work in a sustainable, eco-friendly way as we help our clients with all of their estate planning needs. Since our last update on 13th February, we are thrilled to have been able to make a donation to enable to 35 more […]

April 21, 2021

Our fictional couple, John and Jane, have been engaged for a couple of years, have yet to set a date for the wedding and, although they know they probably should make wills, are thinking of putting off doing so until after the wedding. John and Jane have a mixture of sole and joint assets (mainly […]

April 19, 2021

It is actually quite common for the child or relative of a person with a recent diagnosis of dementia to come to us and ask whether it is ‘too late’ for their loved one to make a will. The answer is, not necessarily. Although it is widely understood that a person making a will must […]

April 16, 2021

Did you know that there are many, many famous (and rich!) people that have died without making a will? According to Forbes, these include Prince, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Jimi Hendrix, Picasso, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain and Barry White.

April 15, 2021

“Fail to plan, plan to fail”… An oldie but a goodie this #thoughtfulthursday, but perhaps very apt in connection with the subject of estate planning! If you do not plan how to distribute your estate upon your death, and formalise these plans by putting a properly drawn up will in place, your estate will be […]

April 14, 2021

Our fictional couple, Steve and Deb, are a married couple who both have two children from previous marriages, who are all now adults. Unfortunately, although Deb is very close to her children, Steve does not have a good relationship with Deb’s daughter. Steve and Deb own a house jointly and have several other joint and […]

April 13, 2021

An extract of a recent testimonial from another happy client. Well done Jo! #teamwork!

April 12, 2021

Couples often make what are commonly referred to as ‘mirror wills’ : wills that are similar, if not identical, in how their estates should be distributed upon their deaths. However, many people fail to realise that just because the wills have been made at the same time and are deemed to mirror each other, the […]

April 6, 2021

We have heard from many clients recently that one of the most compelling reasons for making a will (often, after delaying doing so for many years) is relating their own circumstance to something they’ve seen a friend go through or something they’ve seen in the news. One client said last week that her friend’s father […]