November 17, 2020

I often find that one of the main reasons people cross the line between knowing in the back of their mind that they should make a will, and actually taking steps to do so, is their concern about what would happen to their children in the event of their death. If both parents of (or […]

November 16, 2020

This week on our blog I am going to be talking about a subject very close to my heart… children! I have four of my own (the picture is of my youngest daughter, Sophia) and I understand the importance of feeling secure in the knowledge that, as a parent, you are doing everything you can […]

November 10, 2020

I have always tried to be as sensitive as I possibly can in my writing and, in fact, at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak I felt downright uncomfortable promoting my services for fear of being seen as trying to benefit from the devastating situation that was unfolding, or ‘cashing in’ on people’s fear. (A […]

November 9, 2020

Putting a Lasting Power of Attorney application in place involves completing a (rather lengthy!) application form and submitting it to the Office of the Public Guardian (the OPG) to be registered. The application must be read and signed by the donor (the person to whom the application relates), the attorneys, the replacement attorneys (if there […]

November 8, 2020

So, what is a Certificate Provider, why do you need one and who should you ask to act in this role? When applying to register a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) it is crucial, to avoid any kind of abuse associated with the application, that the person to whom the LPA relates has sufficient mental […]

November 7, 2020

It is important to take time to think carefully about who to appoint as attorneys in your Health & Welfare LPA. ‘Attorneys’ are not necessarily legally qualified people but are, instead, trusted friends or family members who are chosen by you to make decisions about your health and welfare in the event that you lose […]

November 6, 2020

A Health & Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can be used by your attorneys (carefully chosen friends or family members appointed in your LPA to make decisions on your behalf) only when you are deemed to have lost mental capacity. It is an incredibly important document that can, if the need arises, make matters […]

November 5, 2020

Yesterday I drafted our company’s working practices for lockdown #2 and today these have been backed up by guidance issued by my governing institute, The Institute of Professional Will Writers. Here’s a summary and I hope it reassures you… Where possible client appointments will take place over video conference call (i.e. Zoom); Where it is […]

November 5, 2020

Being able to make decisions about our own health and welfare is something we often take for granted. We often do not give much thought to what would happen if we lost the mental capacity to make these decisions for ourselves, often presuming that our loved ones would be able to make these decisions for […]